A Fresh Approach To Building
a Culture of Innovation.

If you squeeze innovation too hard, you’ll crush it. Instead, give it a warm embrace and keep it lighthearted and fun by hosting the Good Idea Fair at your organization.

An Open Call for Innovative Ideas.

Brief Your Organization

Emphasize creating ideas that are designed to solve a specific challenge in a new and exciting way.

Participants Submit Their Good Ideas

Invite everyone to be inventive and submit any ideas that provide a solution to the challenge outlined in the brief.

The People Vote on Their Favorites

Have participants vote for the best and brightest ideas among their peers,
creating the triumphant Top 20.

Judges Select the Goodest Ideas

A designated panel of judges selects the shining stars of the Good Idea Fair.
Awards are given to the Top 3 winning-est ideas.

A Fully Contained, Simple Process

User-Friendly Platform for Capturing Your Team’s Creativity
Designed for mobile & desktop use
Admin panel for easy competition management
Built-in support tools for help along the way

Where’d the Idea Come From?

The Good Idea Fair was originally launched as an in-person competition at The Variable, the advertising agency and innovation consultancy recognized by Fast Company as one of the Top 100 Workplaces for Innovators. The pandemic forced the annual showcase to go virtual — which ultimately led to the development of a fully web-based platform that any workplace can use to spur innovative thinking.

Bring the Good Idea Fair To Your Company.

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