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A Streamlined Guide To the Good Idea Fair

Identify participants’ roles.


Judges are third-party individuals outside of your organization who will decide your Good Idea Fair winners. We suggest inviting three super-smart folks with diverse backgrounds and expertise — because choosing the best ideas is the hardest task.

Idea Creators:

This group will include all the people throughout your organization that will enter a concept to the
Good Idea Fair competition.
The more, the merrier!

Power Voters:

All participants will be able to vote on which ideas stood out or struck out, but Power Voters will have extra say and extra sway in the ones they think hit a homerun.

Determine your event duration.

1 Round

Shortest event
All submitted ideas go to the judges for review

2 Rounds

Shorter event
One round of voting
before the judges panel

3 Rounds

Standard event
Two rounds of voting
before the judges panel

Set up your Good Idea Fair.

Log in as an administrator on the Good Idea Fair platform to begin planning your event. There is a simple, step-by-step process once you’ve accessed your admin panel, but it’s best to come prepared with the information below:

Names & email addresses of your participants

It’s okay to gather the Judges’ information later if they haven’t been selected yet, but it’s best to identify all other roles before you begin.

Timeline of your Good Idea Fair

This includes idea submission dates, voting round deadlines and when you expect to hold your judges panel.

Pro Tip: If you have any questions along the way, you can use the in-platform help center or reach out to the Good Idea Fair team. We’re always happy to help out.

Review idea submissions.

This is an opportunity to review all the submitted ideas to make sure they align with your Good Idea Fair goals and do not violate any company policies.

Let your people cast their votes.

In a standard 3-Round event, there are two voting rounds before the judges panel.

Voting provides participants the opportunity to peruse others’ ideas and pick those they think are
the most innovative.

First Round

Idea Creators vote for the top 25% of ideas and Power Voters select two ideas guaranteed to move forward.

Second Round

Idea Creators vote for the Top 10 ideas and Power Voters select one idea guaranteed to move forward.

In a 2-Round event, there is one round of voting before the judges panel.

Single Round:

Idea Creators vote for the Top 10 ideas to move forward and Power Voters select one idea that is guaranteed to be in that Top 10.

Ask your own judges to review the finalists.

Your judges will independently review and score each of the finalists (on a 0-10 scale) ahead of a group panel based on the criteria listed below:


Have you seen anything like this idea before?

Problem Solving

How effectively does it solve the challenge as stated by the Idea Creator?


Can this idea be executed, or is it unrealistic to pull off?


How much could the idea benefit the organization and/or customers?

Select the winners alongside the judges panel.

In the panel discussion with the final judges, review each Idea Creator’s scorecard and, as a group, select the 1st, 2nd
and 3rd place winners.

Celebrate your winners with
an awards ceremony.

Have some fun with this! Host a virtual or in-person awards ceremony to announce your Good Idea Fair winners and celebrate the ingenious innovators on your team.